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We specialize in a variety of logistics services. Our aim is to deliver the top level of logistics based on your requests. We hope that with our services you will receive the most personalized help in transporting any kind of cargoes to any distances, even overseas. Discover the amazing world of logistics with Trans!

For any transportation company vehicles play a great role in establishing high quality logistics services. No wonder selecting an appropriate transportation vehicle, be it a truck or a van, is a highly important task. In this article James Roth, the Head of our Logistics Department, will unveil some of the key principles you should know about when selecting a vehicle for transportation purposes.

Nowadays it seems quite unproblematic to deliver goods overseas. However, it is true only if you deal with small cargoes, otherwise successful transporting may become quite a challenging task. In fact, overseas logistics conceals a set of complex measures and teamwork that eventually influences a successful delivery. And these measures are vital for any kind of transportation. In our today's article we will introduce some of these measures and uncover the whole process of organizing a delivery over the Atlantic Ocean.

American universities are extensively graduating students with qualifications and diplomas in logistics. Young specialists are often said to be responsible, highly organized and able to solve challenging issues. But what requirements do these specialists need to have to be successfully employed by the world's leading logistics companies? Our CEO answers this and many other questions in today's article.

Maintaining any kind of vehicle is necessary for its correct functional state. However, not all drivers pay enough attention to maintaining their vehicles. It concerns delivery trucks and high capacity vehicles as well as. In this article, our mechanics Martin Cook and James Black will tell you about most popular issues among beginner drivers of delivery trucks and how to avoid these problems that may often lead to repair.

Customer Information Services Department provides information on different aspects of customers' goods delivery using numerous communication channels.

Each year, Trans deals with thousands of clients. Among them are international companies that require a special approach to giving information. That is why our Customer Information Services Department also develops software for our business clients and other customers to monitor their cargo transportation.